1. Lady Nerdz eat pizza. 

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  2. http://nyti.ms/Wlca2a

    Librarian Lady Nerdz loaning out doll Lady Nerdz to delighted little Lady Nerdz.  


  3. Lady Nerdz are gonna change the way we think about healthcare. 


  4. Lady Nerdz are lead singers of bands gaining all sorts of attention.


  5. Lady Nerdz do standup about nerdy things. 


  6. One of our favorites. Lady Nerdz create their own success with a wonderful voice. 


  7. What I wish, is that we all get to be exactly who we are.
    — Casey Legler

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  8. Lady Nerdz: Making modeling history and redefining gender norms. 



  10. Thanks to all the nerdz who created this wonderful dedication to Lady Nerdz and voting.

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  11. Lady Nerdz know how to jam. 


  12. Lady Nerdz will enter, and win, the state fair milking contest. 


  13. Lady Nerdz are leaders and organizers, in times of peace and trial. 


  14. Lady Nerdz are directors of world-changing non-profits. 


  15. Lady Nerdz drive across the Alaska Highway for the U.S. Army Engineers.